Thursday, June 14, 2007


Dear Rachel,

You are 15 years old now and it feels like only yesterday that your teacher called me into your classroom and told me what a special little 10 year old girl you were. How you were in the top 2 percentile in Maths and English for the whole of the island of Ireland. How I should bring you to Dublin City University to be assessed. And so we did all that and they too told you that you were special, so special that you were accepted into their Gifted Children's Summer School.

Now you'd think with all the specialness and the extra gray matter thats grown over all the years that have passed since then that you'd do something smarter than leaving photos like this on my Desktop.

Love Mum


aquaasho said...

Oh I'm just understanding this now! She didn't realise she'd left this on the camera was it? (How dim am I, I thought you took the photo Ellen!) Talk about the smoking gun...!

LOL! I see Bulmers is still the chosen tipple of the next generation...good to see nothings changed....

Your insights into family life are hilarious Ellen. You see the humour in every little thing. (I assume you're laughing at this incident too!? Maybe not?!) Genius post!

KEYNOTER said...

Hi Aisling, She downloaded photos from her phone onto my computer desktop in order to post them on Bebo and forgot to delete them....... hmmm. She told me she didnt drink the cider and she wasnt the one holding the bottle in the photo. So what can I say. She's very good actually and I've had no reason to worry about this sort of thing before but you know you have to keep an eye on things.

jothemama said...

Sigh, did Blogger eat my comment?

This is what teenage girls are meant to look like!

And what a blessing, and testament to your parenting that your gifted daughter does indeed look like she does... remember that poor little boy who used to go on Wogan in the eighties and do hard maths questions - the one with the blong curly afro and bowtie, and little velvet suits?

Silly, beautiful girls! Have you read 'Promiscuities' by Naomi Wolfe? Brilliant book.

Anonymous said...

I love these letters to your daughters. In her defense: a) she is NOT the one holding the bottle and b) they could have been collecting recyclables from the streets. Anything is possible. haha

PolkaDot said...

Jo, you know that guy has had a sex change since?

KEYNOTER said...

No Jo, I haven't. Maybe I should!!??!!

Yea, I do remember that Guy and yes, Polkadot he did have a sex change. I think he looked better as a woman personally. Poor guy!!