Friday, June 1, 2007


Blogging is a wonderful tool for checking back on the dates and times of things you did or should have done. I checked back to see when the gardeners started work on my garden and it's been a full three weeks now. They seem to work a two day week at my house and sourcing timber, paving stones and cobble stones takes up the other three days. Take a gander at the phenomenal progress of their work.

At 4.00pm yesterday I watched them tidy away their tools.

"What about that with the children" said the chief dick head, eh I mean chief deck guy, pointing at the freshly poured cement dotted here and there under the timber frame. Meaning 'we won't be back tomorrow so don't sue us if you're child's leg accidentally gets set in the quick setting cement'.

Don't worry about the kids, they'll probably have completed the paving and finished off the remaining work on the deck. I'll get them to leave the handrails for you unless you leave it too long before you return. They bore easily.

Since I'm on the subject of workmanship I'm wondering if that Vascular Consultant who tied off the veins in my groin got his wiring right. Last night I took off my sexy white uber support single stocking to have a shower and blood started dribbling out of my nose. I've had nose bleeds before but nothing quite like this. I was waiting for the theme tune to Psycho to start playing.


mcewen said...

Don't get me started on builder! I 'm only just now recovering [and the remodel was over three years ago!]
As for your other leak - Phew, you never can tell what they've 'rewired' whilst you were under the knife.

becky said...

About your NYC inquiry-
My daughter & I stayed at Stay the Night Inn right off Central Park on the Upper East Side. Reasonable price, roomy, kitchens, easy to get cab or walk to subway.

aquaasho said...

Oh Ellen those landscapers sound dreadful! It makes you wonder how they make any money at all!!
As for the nose, I hope your doctor is more professional than those landscapers! Look after yourself!

Bock the Robber said...

The secret is to mechanise.

These days, machinery is so cheap to hire, you don't need these apes. I'm getting in a digger and a dumper at the weekend and I'll do in two days what it would take me a month paying those goons to achieve.

Kick them out and do it yourself. It's ten times cheaper, it's quicker and it isn't hard.

KEYNOTER said...

Thanks for that info becky. I check it out on line. The other girls mentioned the Chelsea Hotel where Dylan Thomas, Sid & Nancy et al died! Believe we are going to end up there!

Aisling, I wonder too.....

KEYNOTER said...

Bock I was thinking the very same thing. They are due today so I'll see how much they get done, give it a percentage rating and pay them that. Some of those off cuts will suffice to beat them on the arses on the way to their van