Tuesday, June 5, 2007


We signed on the final dotted line on Friday for our mobile home by the sea and were so excited that we opened one bottle of wine too many. What the heck. It's not every day we buy something like this.

I had images running around in my mind of a sandy white beach, picnics, kids, sun, barbecues, wine, friends, girly weekends without the kids until The Husband mentioned that it might be a good idea if we tack a couple of photos of the place on the kitchen wall because when the new mortgage is taken out of our bank account at the end of this month we won't be able to afford the petrol to drive down there.

The unending deluge of rain never stopped for the Friday and Saturday of this Bank Holiday weekend and so we went shopping on Saturday for shorts and summer clothes for the kids in Dundrum Shopping Centre just like the entire population of the island of Ireland. The trip went well and we did better than usual by only losing Audrey 4 times this visit. At one point I found her here.

We decided to drive down to Wexford on Monday to check the place out as the weather picked up a little and we did a little taming of the garden while the kids explored the new playground.

Roll on school summer holidays.


aquaasho said...

Congrats on the new home: the kids will have lots of happy memories there!

sylvie d said...

Sounds like fun...your daughter shows she has taste!:-))