Saturday, July 14, 2007


It is 10.15pm in the evening and I am walking back to our mobile home after the Kiddies Disco in the local pub with Audrey and Sarah. We meet the Security Guard at the electric entry gates and say hello as we enter.

"Did you see his face?" says Audrey rolling her eyes in disgust after we pass by
"He looks like a fish the way it's all squashed up and narrow." she adds pushing both sides of her face together .

Sarah giggles.

"He got the kind of face only a mother could love" I reply

"Would you love me if I had a face like that" asks Audrey.

"Of course I would honey bunny"

"Would you love me if I had a face like that AND a hairy ass"

Sarah giggles, splutters and goes red in the face

"As long as I don't have to kiss it Audrey"

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aquaasho said...

You are managing to blog from Wexford. I'm so jealous.

And you have such funny kids....:-)