Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Husband is away on business in Frankfurt and I am sitting on the couch in our holiday home drinking a cup of coffee for my breakfast and trying to show Sarah how to file her little square nails. She wants them filed so that they will eventually grow into the long and elegantly painted fingernails possessed by my Mother.

"Thanks for showing me how to do that Mum, I think I'll do my toe nails now"

She looks down at my sandaled feet and scrunches up her face.

"The one think I hate about your feet are the way your toenails curl under and grow back up into your skin. Could you please fix that........its DISGUSTING?"

"Honey, I've got what are called Hammer Toes. I'd have to have them broken and reset to fix them the way you want them to be.

I never inherited my Mothers lovely fingernails. Nope. But she sure did give me her Hammer Toes"

"You mean you got your Hammer Toes from your Mother?"

"Oh my God. That means I might have caught them off you"

With lightening speed Sarah kicks off her trainers, whips off her ankle socks and breaths an audible sigh of relief as she wiggles her long, strangely finger-like, toes at me that she, without a doubt, inherited from her father.

My sister Audrey with my daughter Audrey.

We're missing you Aud......


aquaasho said...

My mother in law had her hammer toes reset a couple of years ago but it didn't work. It was a lot to go through for it to fail but they don't guarantee it. They looked ok straight after but the toes grew back they're own way! It wasn't just for cosmetic reasons, they were starting to hurt.

KEYNOTER said...

OMG that sounds painful. Mine are not bad at all. A couple of them turn in a little but nothing too much. You know how kids can be though!!!