Friday, July 27, 2007


Dear Mairead, Sandra, Ailish and Ann,

On Wednesday night I had the strangest dream and the four of you were in it. Let me tell you about it.

I took the kids back up to our house for The Husband to mind and you all came down to me in the mobile home in Wexford swinging your knickers over your heads. We drank some wine and went up to get something to eat in the local pub but it was 9pm and guess what? They finish serving food at 9pm. We were disappointed but kept smiling at the tickets we each clutched in our hands.

We got up from the table and followed Ann into a building at the side of the pub where a man stamped our hands after taking our tickets. She brought us into the centre of the audience and proceeded to pull spare chairs from around the crowded room over to us and low and behold within seconds we had the best spot in the place.

After a minute or two a spotlight shone onto the left hand side of the room and followed Joe Dolan up onto the stage. I know, can you believe it. Joe, looking like an angel, all dressed in white and newly recovered from a hip operation. My, oh my, what a good looking man. Not bad for 102 years old.

We got very excited but I'm not sure why and we sang along and waved our arms like everyone else in the building except for Mairead.

There was one man in the whole audience and he was sitting beside her. He fancied her because he tried to chat her up for most of the night and his wife kept looking daggers at her. I think Mairead was trying to convey to his wife the fact that she wasn't interested in her husband when she folded her arms and pretended to be asleep.

On the way home we all walked linking arms, some of us disappearing a couple of feet down into watery craters in the unlit road now and then.

But we still kept smiling. Again, I'm not sure why.

The next morning we walked along the beach to clear our heads, drank pots of tea and coffee and waited until we felt our bodies were under the legal limit to drive.

It rained as you left and I was as sad as the day to see you go.

My oh my, what a beautiful dream.......

Love Ellen


Mairead said...

Ellen, haven't looked at your blog for ages but on Sandra's good advice I did. What I find utterly amazing is that you and I had virtually exactly the same dream. My dream got fuzzy round about the waving hands stage and was crystal clear round about the muddy hole!! Did your dream have fried eggs on baguettes. mine did. thanks for a wonderful time and dust off the turquoise dress you lent your friend for the upcoming limo trip. Love Mairead.

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