Tuesday, October 30, 2007


On Sunday we dined at my parents house where my Mother, Mrs Next Lady Captain of her Golf Club, cooked a three course meal for twelve people and my Father dealt out topics for discussion like;

"Women will never understand what men have given up once they marry" and "Are you reaching your full potential?"

There was plenty of wine, screaming,laughter and excellent company and it was all over too soon. We left at 11.30pm because being parents we were worried about keeping the kids up too late now that they know the telephone number for Childline off by heart.

Yesterday I detoxed by drinking mugs of Pu Erh tea which I am thrilled I can now buy in Tescos for €3+ instead of the €16 I was paying in the Pharmacy for the past year. It really gets your metabolism going and if you don't mind the 'musty shed' smell it's quite pleasant.

Later, after lunch, I took out a new canvas to paint on and the husband frightened the kids by offering to bring them to the local Kidzone.

"What's wrong with Dad" they chorused.

"I just thought I'd give you a little time on your own to paint" he said and so while they were gone I whipped up this 3.5foot x 2.5foot lady.

&now I am wishing I felt like her.

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jothemama said...

You just need to wait for your period, so you can do it on rollerskates.