Wednesday, October 31, 2007


On Saturday I bought a radiator cover for the hall and The Husband stained it with some decking oil we had left over which was just the colour I wanted.

On Sunday morning I did this

And Monday night I attacked it with my paints.
Phew finished at last.

Today, I am about to make lunch when my phone rings. I answer it. It's my 15 year old, independent,knows everything, woman of the world, daughter, Rachel. Will I come and collect her from Liberty Spikes house because she has no money to get the bus home.


20 minutes later I find myself driving down the drive of my friend Sandras house where she is to pick her up. I pull up outside the house and notice there are no cars outside. Everyone is out. I look ahead and blink. A lot.


I can't really see properly from inside the car but it seems to me that guy is levitating.

At this stage I'm scared but drive a little closer. I don't know why.

He turns towards me and I start to have severe regrets about watching that Exorcist movie with The Husband last night, never having been to Sardinia, not climbing Carrauntoohil, never seeing my grandchildren and not rushing out and buying those sparkley sandels from the Fernando Pensato Collection just like my sisters.

Is that guy levitating?

Holy Shit!

My heart misses a beat.

Happy Halloween to you too Liberty Spike you little fecker. You got me there!

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Caregivers in northwest Ireland said...

Yikes! I thought you'd found a poor b*ll*cks who'd hung himself... you'd think I'd know better than to read Artists' blogs on Halloween! Thanks for the great laugh!