Tuesday, November 27, 2007


On Friday The Husbands Aunt arrived to stay for the weekend and decided to extend her stay for another week. I have been watching her closely with amazement these past few days as she buys 2 Christmas Cakes, bottles of Sherry that nobody likes to drink and walks around the supermarket eating ice-pops from the freezer. She asked me six times throughout the day today the number of my car registration and related four times the story of the fox she encountered in her back garden and when she got lost down this one street town, even though I had given her written directions to my house I was left in no doubt that unfortunately this was a little more than a simple case of 'bad memory'.

What a marked deterioration since the last time she stayed with us although I suppose even then if I were to be honest I did notice her doing a few odd things like writing down the kids names and birthdays several times during her stay and wandering about downstairs at night. I wondered what she had been up to and so I knocked on her bedroom door when she had returned upstairs.

"Is everything okay with you?" I enquired.
"Oh! I couldn't sleep so I thought I see if you had a drop of wine I could sip that might help me to drop off a little easier but I think this wine is gone off" she replied showing me a cup full of wine.
"Where did you get it from?" I asked.
"Beside the cooker" she said
"Oh dear. that's my 5 year old Balsamic Vinegar you're drinking"

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jothemama said...

Priceless! Like PG Woodehouse.