Saturday, December 1, 2007


It's Friday night and the kids have been allowed to stay up late to watch The Late Late Toy Show. Rachel is in the lounge watching 'The Messenger' on DVD with three friends who are sleeping over and Lara is tapping away in the study on MSN. In the kitchen I am block painting two XXL canvas, on a sheet on the floor and the two youngest kids are sitting in front of the fire with The Husband who is outnumbered 8/1 by females which may be the reason why he's drinking Stolichnaya and cursing at the TV a lot.

Just after Pat Kenny kicks the non crawling doll in the arse Audrey throws up, right there beside me, all over the floor. Like, eh Mum, you made me stay up to watch this asshole and by the way dinner was shite. Here, have it all back.


aquaasho said...

her expresssion reminds me of that audrey hepburn canvas over there!!

Mattie said...

i love what you've done with your hair hun!!