Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It's lunchtime and I'm driving in the car with Audrey who's off school sick and two paintings which I have to deliver to an exhibition when my phone rings. It's the school. Lara has hurt her hand. Nothing serious. it's just a little swollen. I explain my situation and tell the teacher that I'll be picking Lara up as soon as I can.

I drop off the paintings and I think about the consequences of not bringing Audrey, who's been clutching a €5 note for the past four hours, to the €2 shop to buy Christmas presents for her sisters and that's when I realized that a paltry €5 can actually buy World Peace. At least it does in my World.

Once on the road I call the school to say I'm on the way and I get the secretary.

"They're at choir practice right now but I'll see she gets that message as soon as she's finished" she says.

"Thanks, I love you", I reply before hanging up. Quickly.



jothemama said...

hee! we all like to be told someone loves us, don't worry. Just don't buy her a christmas present :)

aquaasho said...

No way? You must have been mortified! I sometimes say "Thank You" in situations that don't require it, that's about as close as I've got!