Tuesday, January 22, 2008


It is late Saturday night when 12 year old Lara walks into the kitchen smiling

"Well that was productive. I just got asked out three times on MSN by three different guys in one hour and I never even met one of them." she laughs

Both The Husband & I eyeball each other, sigh deeply, grip the sides of our chairs and mentally brace ourselves for for the long and bumpy ride ahead.

"By the way" she adds "You know the €10 you gave me for having a good report from my teacher. Well, I wasn't going to tell you but I bought a bottle of blue hair dye. I was going to put it in my hair but I got some on my face and I can't get it off now"

I peer closely and sure enough I see a bruise like mark on her cheek.

She hands me the box and skips out of the room. Smiling.

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Midget Wrangler said...

Oh JOy, Blue hair dye! To tell you the truth though as a former Curehead I'd rather see blue hair and black clothes than blonde highlights and micro mini skirts!