Sunday, January 20, 2008


Dear Lara,

On Thursday I sat opposite your teacher in the Staff Room and listened with surprise as she told me that you came in the top 6% of all the kids in Ireland in Maths when they did the National Drumcondra Testing this year.

Now I know that you like maths and you're quick at figuring things out so what I want to know is; if you really are all that clever why then, when you use your Fathers phone, do you leave text messages you receive from your friends like this on it:

"Why are you back with him when you know I'm mental about you?"

And did you know that mathematical equations can be useful in everyday life for figuring out things like

1 x A(admirer) + 1 x B(admirer) = -2AB(Rock + Hard Place).

Love Mum.

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jothemama said...

No way! Choice is good :) And torrid emotional romance belongs firmly in adolescence, not grown up life!

Practise now child, practise now!

(just practise sensibly and safely and remember you're 12..)

When I was wandering off into the night with my now husband's friend, my now husband suddenly appeared and said 'Don't go home with him, I like you way more than he does!' - a difficult one, what do you say?

Now I was older than you (though in retrospect, not as much as it felt like then). If I hadn't gone with the unhealthy friend, I would have run into trouble later, while with the healthy husband, due to Unresolved Curiosity. Playing the field is fine, as long as you look after yourself and other people's feelings, I think. And be honest. I imagine it's hard to be the girl everyone's in love with.

Oo I'm I'm so moved by this post! Ellen, I'll completely understand if you delete it :)