Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I haven't seen this around the house lately although now and then I get the faint whiff of that manly smell, you know, that Mills & Boon mixture of fresh sweat, leather, soap and CIGARETTE SMOKE wafting off the husband when he comes up behind me at the sink and squeezes my boobs, you know, that kind of man-talk for 'Hi Ellen, I'm home'.

He's smiling more than last week and his dedication to dropping off and picking up the kids from their friends houses is at an all time high; so high in fact that it's not hard for me to figure out where he's hiding his stash.


Sniffle&Cry said...

Hi Ellen,

Went wandering around your lovely blog for a while today. It's refreshing and real sparkly.

Smoking, it's a curse really, but breathing gets you in the end anyway. I smoke 3 -> 5 daily, my kids don't see me, or when they do, mercifully they stay in denial. Less is better iff he can't give them up.

Good luck

jothemama said...


Smoking, lying... they think we're so stupid (but really it's THEM!!)

At least you have boob grabbing in your relationship though :)

karen harper said...

I love when they think they are getting away with it...they become better people....guilt brings out the best in them!