Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I was thrilled to be asked by Karen Harper of the Irish Craft Association to paint two paintings for her. One for now and one in the summertime. I've ordered a large canvas so I can get started on the first one. It's about 4ft x 2.5ft and I've had to order it as they are hard to buy from Art & Hobby shops. While waiting for it to arrive I started on this lady yesterday and worked some more on her today while the kids were in school

She's painted on a 3.5ft x 2.5ft slim canvas. She still needs a lot more work especially around that strange looking shoulder and her hair. I'm also thinking of changing the background colour and maybe throwing in a zebra or two left of stage might make her sell better.


jothemama said...

I thought of your zebra last night - we have an old alphabet book with beautiful paintings, and the Z for zebra is standing facing away, it looks great. You mnight think of trying a rear-view zebra too? I was wondering how to bring it up in a comment, and here, you opened it up beautifully for me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen, its wonderfull to watch this ballerina come to life before our very eyes. There is a beautifull calm, peacefull, silent mood to this piece of work. Looking forward to seeing it when its finished. See you soon, all the best. Sheena Ludlow