Sunday, February 10, 2008


I hosted a dinner for 8 in my house on Friday night and we had a smashing time.

The guy sitting on this chair was seated with his back to the fire and I think the glue holding the chair together melted. One minute he was busily eating away and next thing he had disappeared from sight completely after an almighty crashing sound. I bet he had a sore bottom next day.

It was a late night. 3am. But very enjoyable.

We took it easy on Saturday

&on Sunday we climbed the Sugar Loaf Mountain purely to add a little balance to our lives.

How I love weekends. But like all good things they too must come to an end.

Tip: Never ever leave flowers on top of a radiator cover.


jothemama said...

Good tip - they look pretty defeated alright!

The Sugar Loaf looks beautiful - I haven't climbed it since we used to do sponsored climbs for school fundraising when I was in Primary school. It was always in March and fing freezing, hailing and miserable. Oddly I was just saying to the husband we should go up the other day.

Ellen said...

Ouch! That's one sore bum!