Friday, February 15, 2008


At 2.30pm on Valentines day Lara's admirer arrived at the door and took her off to the forest in Glendalough.

His mother sat in the car and read the newspaper while the two of them went into the forest. After walking for a while they came across a sign on a small low gate which read.


So they climbed over. Why? Because they are 12.

They saw a cliff and started to climb up it. Why? Because it was there.

He reached the top and she got half way up. When they tried to get down they found it difficult because of the damp slippy moss covering the rock. They were shouting to each other and their voices were echoing loudly all around them. Then they heard another voice shouting at them

"ARE...YOU...OK...DO..YOU...NEED...HELP?" shouted the man before running off.

Eventually they both managed to get down to the bottom of the cliff and ran back to the car trying to dodge the helicopter that was buzzing around overhead.

Coz that's what you do when you're 12 and embarrassed.


Midget Wrangler said...

Thats so gas......There are so many things they could be up to!

aquaasho said...

Oh Ellen, thanks God for a happy ending!

jothemama said...

Most. Surreal. Valentine's. Ever. At least they didn't try piercing anything while suspended in mid air...

karen harper said...

I have it all ahead of me!! oh God...

Do you fancy an evening out to the Blog Awards??

Shellie said...

So glad it turned out embarrassing is all!