Monday, February 18, 2008


I took this photo of Lara right before we headed off to Wexford on Saturday. And what a trip that turned out to be.

It was sunny but cold on Saturday and when we arrived at our mobile home for the first time since last August we figured out pretty quick that it was going to be a cold night when we couldn't get the regulator on the gas fire to work. The fact that there was swear words as well as smoke coming out of my mouth as I spoke and that The Husband & I slept fully clothed even though we hadn't argued says it all.

Next morning I cleaned the bathroom having rid the bath of 14 dead flies the day before and after dusting and hoovering soon the place was so clean that you could lick it with your tongue just like you would a shiny, sparkling ice cube.

I brought the kids to the beach while The Husband packed the car faster than you can say; what a crap idea this was, and we played on the beach till Audrey cried from the burning pain in her little red hands as she tried to clap them together when she heard me say.... LETS GO HOME TO WICKLOW GIRLS.

And so home we went and home we'll stay till that feckin place warms up a little or the gas fire gets fixed because right now I'm wondering if I have frostbite on my second toe on my right foot.


Shellie said...

It's time for spring isn't it??? I'd have packed up and left too, I'm such a wimp!

jothemama said...

The beach photo is beautiful - what teeny legs! She looks grown up and little at the same time. Gorgeous light and sand and sky.

Sunshine does not equal summer here, unfotunately. I'm sort of glad of some real cold, though, I have to admit. I miss seasons.