Tuesday, February 19, 2008


4ft x 2.5 ft oil on block canvas

This is a commissioned painting that I painted in oils for Karen Harper founder of the Irish Craft Association and right now I am hoping that she likes it when she sees the photo of it that I sent to her.


Anonymous said...

Like it....I am in love.
Have showed everyone it on the little screen on my phone.

Can't see me putting it in the Craft Rooms in Blackrock like I intended...I think he needs to live with me!
Like Ellen, my house is run with females..three girls and myself take over and my husband shouts at the football on TV to be heard.
This young man definately needs to move in to even things up. K

Anne-Louise said...

Oh wow this is fantastic! I love this! This would be prefect in Karens "madhouse"