Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We don't usually buy Valentine presents for each other on Valentines Day but this year was different. The Husband happend to be passing through Heathrow Airport on the 13th of February and so he picked me up a bottle of Chanel Perfume and a Vogue Magazine in the Duty free which he tried to read without anybody noticing. And a couple of weeks before Valentines Day I caught him admiring a black leather wallet made by his favourite designer of the moment, Mr Ted Baker in House of Frazer.

It had the most fabulous fluorescent turquoise silk lining on the inside and so I bought it for him because I'm mad about him and I think he's gorgeous and kind and I'm ever so glad he's my husband and does little things that make all the difference, like the night before last when he went to bed early because he was feeling tired and I stayed up a little later than normal because I wanted to finish off a painting.

When I slipped under the covers I made sure to keep my cold and frozen feet away from his lovely warm body but I must have woken him because he came up close behind me and wrapped his lovely warm legs and feet all around my icy cold ones and fell back asleep snoring like the jet engines of a Boeing 747 about to take off.


jothemama said...

Tears to my eyes, Ellen.

Except the snoring.

I really hate that.

aquaasho said...

Aw`Ellen....I feel like an intruder coming over here reading this.... so romantic...

jothemama said...

I was so touched by this I showed it to my own husband. And he was very touched too. I'm hoping it will somehow be good for us!