Wednesday, March 19, 2008


When we moved here to this town two and a half years ago I remember being stunned that the Saint Patricks Day Parade only took 10 minutes to pass us by. 10 short minutes from start to finish and I often wonder if the Americans who pay such a large amount of money to travel over here for Paddy's Day are disappointed with what they see if they are not in Dublin for the Big Day

But then again I suppose there is something to be said for being 'quaint'

Yep that's me.

See how riveting I'm finding that wheel.

Obviously not half as much as The Husband

After that stunning performance we met up with some friends

Hi Sarah.

And there was lots of Guinness consumed so much so that poor Audrey's finger was exhausted and suffering from repetitive action syndrome from drawing so many smiley faces

because we like to drink lots, you understand, until we fall down. I should know. I'm the one with the sore knee ligaments. I stumbled on some pavement coming out of the bar AND IT WAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE THREE GLASSES OF WINE I CONSUMED DO YOU HEAR ME. Or was that four?

Anyhow,it was a good day all in all & the highlight for the kids was undoubtedly meeting this young lady. Recognise her?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen

Thank you for showing only 2 of my chins.

And thank you for a scrummy lunch yesterday. My eyes are definitely looking yellow after 4 days of the happy juice.

jothemama said...

No, but she looks familiar. who is she?

Your enjoyment of the thrilling parade is a hoot. At least you're out there! I must put up pics o the St Patrick' Day fire up Bray Head. There must have been soem snales left.

KEYNOTER said...

It's Robyn for You're a Star;)