Thursday, April 3, 2008


Me: Hi there, any chance you could cut my West Highland Terriers Hair this week and how much do you charge?

Her: Sure, 12 tomorrow. Between €35-€50/ $55-$80 depending on condition of dog.

Me: Her hair very long now but she is not matted. Small dog West Highland Terrier.

Her: Between €35-€50 Have to see.

Me: I don't do €50 for a dog and it takes me 15 minutes to drive to your house


So I searched for my hairdressing scissors.


And then, when I've finished cleaning this up

I'm going to bag it and just because I'm so feckin god damn handy

I'm going to knit a scarf for everyone in the family.


jothemama said...

Girl, what were you thinking getting a dog that needs haircuts. Haven't you got enough to do?

I can't even afford to get my OWN hair cut!!

Coastal Aussie said...

Hilarious - the photos really made me laugh.

Christy said...

I just decided to click on a random site from Laid Off Dad's blog, and it was yours...I had to laugh at this post b/c I have done this very same thing--not w/my dogs (b/c I have a St Bernard & a golden retiever), but with my kids!!! I can relate to deciding there on the spot that somebody needs a haircut YESTERDAY!!