Friday, May 16, 2008


I'm working on this geisha, 70cm x 60cm, oil on board. This is the first pass of blocking in the colour and I'll post more photos of her when she has her makeup on.

My Mall Walk painting was accepted for exhibition at The Hague Red Cross Summer Exhibition in The Netherlands and so I posted it off last week. 50% of the sale price goes to the Red Cross and if your painting does not sell you can donate it to the Red Cross to sell at a later stage which I think is a wonderful idea. They are doing much needed work all around the world most recently in Burma and China where terrible natural disasters have struck so if you're an artist and this interests you you can submit your work here.


jothemama said...

Woo, not what I expected! Very different. I love the red. Sympbolic!

Shellie said...

I'm liking this work a lot.