Sunday, May 4, 2008


For those of you who have read and been kind enough to leave comments which I've enjoyed reading so much here on my Soap Opera Sunday a big thank you but unfortunately SOS has now come to an end.

I have an uncanny habit of starting off things that seem to grow and grow into something much larger than I ever thought possible like the short story which I started to write for Rachel 7 years ago when she was 9 and which I planned on giving her for her 10th birthday.

She is 16 and it now totals, 36 chapters and 72,000 words and lies untouched and unfinished these past two years in the front pocket of my old computer case under the staircase, right in the back, way, way, way back there where nobody has ever been.

Because I am afraid of it and of the fact that it may just be possible that nobody has ever in the history of the world ever written such absolute crap. EVER.

Ahhhhh. I feel better now.


jothemama said...

Well, I suppose that's ok, we know the happy ending.

You now owe it to your SOS audience to live happily ever after.

Sure, you can throw us a chapter now and again.

And if you ever want help editing your 'sort' story, let me know - perhaps you can help finish MY unfinished works while we're at it. I have a theory other people's work is easier to do than your own. I could probably keep someone else's house clean. I suspect barter might be the key to ending procrastination!

jothemama said...

ooo, you're not alone with the falling asleep - the warm dark comfort, the safety of knowing no-one's going to bother you for an hour and a half.

Feck it, wher else can you get that assurance? The ticket price is worth it for the quality snooze!