Thursday, May 8, 2008


It is 8.00am Sunday morning and I am up early having spent the previous night in Dalkey Town Hall where two friends of mine were in a play. I spot the kids down the bottom of the garden.

What are you doing girls I ask

Oh there are some kids in there today and we're talking to them. says Sarah

Want to go for a drive" I ask although I should be packing the cases as we are heading off to Wexford because the kids have one week off school and the weather is perfect and since we bought it last year staying there now and then makes sense. Right?

So we drive down to the sea which is a 10 minute walk from our house. I know, I know. I was going to lie and type 'walk' but then that wouldn't be keeping it real now would it. So yes, we drove and parked up here beside the river.

Notice the swan who wouldn't smile for my camera. See how real I'm keeping it. No photoshopping here thank you very much. In fact I couldn't photoshop if I wanted to because my ever so clever, ever so kind husband lost it after he set up this MacBook and gave it to me for my birthday. AND NOW I AM UNABLE TO UPLOAD ANY NEW APPLICATIONS. NONE. AT. ALL. But his heart was in the right place God love him.

Here's a few photos I took

The kids are enjoying themselves. Who'd have guessed since there was no sugar involved.

We drive back home and pack the suitcases and kids, who have a week off school, into the car and drive to Wexford. After we unpack the car and put everything in it's proper place the kids put on their swimming costumes and I get over excited about the constant sunshine and down on the beach I fall asleep and my face ends up looking as red as that that lighthouse on those photos up above. I kid you not.

Rod returns to Wicklow and there am I stuck indoors. I'm afraid to go out. With this red face. But I have to for food. So I venture out to Tescos and who do I see standing there in front of me only Paul McGrath, you know the football player, there, beside me in the bread aisle.

"Hello there" I say to him in my most cheerful voice. He is very nice and we chat a little and he asks me to marry him and I put down my shopping basket and we walk hand in hand down the bread aisle and out of the shop into the sunshine. Except I forgot about my face. That face.

"Lovely day" I mumble turning away from him. Quickly.

"Oh hello. Yes, it is" he replies and I can see him smile but his eyebrows are raised real high and there is no sign of them descending anytime soon. He has eyebrows that are saying something to me. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR FACE LOVE?

Then I grab my bread and run SO HE DOESN'T NOTICE ME BLUSHING under all that sunburn as I really believe my face just can't take all that pressure and might explode there and then all over his lovely dark suit and smiley face.

"Who was that Mum?" asks Sarah.

"That was Paul McGrath. You know. The famous footballer who played for Ireland" I say pushing her on down the next aisle.

She looks blankly back at me.

"You know, .............OOH AHH PAUL MCGRATH" I chant for her and notice the glazed over look on her eyes as she stares in fascination at my face.



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ManicMammy said...

Hey Ellen,
Just come across your blog and love your photos of Wicklow pier and black castle. I lived in Wicklow for 10 of my formative years (9-19 years old) and your photos remind me of how beautiful parts of it are. Loved walking along the old and new pier on days like that and when the sea was stormy. Thanks.