Sunday, June 29, 2008



"He's called Jonathan" I said to the glamorous lady who bought him from me at the Art On The Railings in Sandymount on Saturday.

She looked a little taken aback.

"I had a son who I lost and his name was Jonathan" she said and I could hear the sadness in her voice.

"Well, he's obviously meant for you then" I said and I watched her as she walked off down the street with Jonathan under her arm.

And then I sold this.


Later I got a text from the lovely lady who bought Jonathan. She wanted to buy another zebra next week. Could things get any better?

They did. Saturday evening arrived and Rod and I met up with four others and hopped into a limo and drank champagne all the way to Vicar Street where we saw Tommy Tiernan in action because that's what we do every Saturday. Limo it. Didn't I tell you?

No seriously, Elaine, Noreen, you really pulled out all the stops. It was an excellent evening and this is where I should be popping in a photo but I NEVER BROUGHT MY CAMERA because that would be too clever of me and I can't do too clever.

Then it was all back to the same old, same old. A life reproduced, word for word, in the clip below which my friend Sarah sent me. If you've got kids you will understand this completely and may, like me, decide to run it on a loop on the CD player when the kids are around to save yourself the trouble of having to say it yourself.

Thanks Sarah.


Nicola said...

That's great. Congratulations on the art sales. Go Ellen! As for the singing Mom, my tea just came out my nose. Thanks for the morning laugh.

jothemama said...

Congrats! Here's to more success and achievement

Maddy said...

Well done you! Is it 'life imitates art' or the other way around I wonder?