Saturday, August 30, 2008


To say that Audrey was excited when her tooth fell out yesterday would be a lie because she actually spent most of the day on her knees in the sink watching herself in the mirror as she wiggled and pulled and tugged at that tiny bottom tooth until it could take it no longer and let her win that battle.

Then she took that tooth and showed it to EVERYONE. Up and down the road she went knocking on doors and when she reached the Wicklow/Dublin border she returned home and put pen to paper and asked the Fairies several hundred questions that the Fairies were unable to answer because they were drinking crate loads of Pinot Grigio and found it hard to remember anything to do with teeth, including washing their own, until 7am next morning.

Because the Fairies had given away all their paper money as pocket money and because all of their coins were brown, and even Audrey knows anyone can pick up brown money on the street, they had to search all their coat pockets and jeans and in the end go outside in their pyjamas to root around their cars for silver money which they slipped under her pillow, removing the tooth, biscuit and letter. The latter to be filled in and returned at a later date because there was NO WAY it was going to be answered right there and then.

Well, didn't you know it? Even Fairies get hangovers.


Katy K said...

I am still laughing out loud at all your posts. I read this one out to my friend who's also a mom yesterday (after we drank a bottle of California brut in the form of Bellinis that I made with some fesh peach puree). Hee hee
Katy K

Anonymous said...

Audrey's giggle made my day!

You can let her know that the tooth fairy who comes to expat American children in Denmark, is using all the teeth to build a castle. She is especially working on a trampoline room right now.


Rachelle (Magpie Girl)

p.s. thanks for stopping by food hero!