Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brand names and brand new names

I should have posted this post yesterday but really after this weekend which I spent in Dublin the thoughts of having to sit in the study and wait for my camera to download all my photos and for Blogger to upload them was enough to make me want to use up that waiting time more efficiently by doing something constructive like walking into the local chip shop and saying two Donner kebabs and a packet of crisps please and can you hurry because I have to get back to my photos.

So this morning I finally got around to it.

On Friday I packed my bag, made dinner, fed the family, cleared up the kitchen, kissed everyone on the cheek and skipped out to the car for a weekend of shopping in Dublin with my Mum and Sister.

We started out on Saturday with a champagne breakfast at 9.30am in BT'S

My lovely Mum

My sexy sister

Wondering why I say that? Well just check this out

Christian Louboutin. Okay. Now you get the picture?

Next we went upstairs to meet our Personal Shopper Sharon who was going to help us find two black dresses to wear to my other sisters wedding in a couple of weeks.

And after an hour and a half she did.


They're by MaxMara and fabulous and I can hardly believe that ONE OF THEM IS HANGING IN MY WARDROBE and I can't thank my sister, who's wedding we're wearing them at, enough for it. KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS

So to celebrate we had a meal and headed off to the Ice Bar in The Four Seasons where we drank strawberry daiquiris, laughed more than was probably necessary and watched Glenda Gilson manoeuvre her body on top of a bar stool in way I've never ever seen anybody do before. In a way that made me want TO BE HER. And after four cocktails I vowed I would. Having lost 8 lbs since I started this no carb diet I swore to my Mother and Sister that in 16 weeks we would return here to this very bar and I would sit on that bar stool, stretch out my long, tanned, buffed and glossed legs onto the stool beside me and be surrounded by 8 adoring men.

Just like Glenda.

This explains why next day, Sunday in Dundrum Shopping Centre, I bought the trouser shorts she was wearing, okay, maybe not exactly the same ones because I found them in Pennys for €6 but CLOSE BY GOD. I picked up the bangles like the ones she was wearing for €6 there also and now all I need is the waistcoat.

I have the impossibly high shoes that gorgeous gal Glenda was wearing but have yet to perfect her walk. You know the kind of walk I mean? She's so gorgeous she can stumble across the room to greet someone whilst her shoes flail all around her and still maintain that sexy look somehow.

And why am I doing this? Because a promise is a promise, even if it's preceded by 4 strawberry daiquiris. It also gives us a chance to visit the ice bar again and me a reason to STAY on my no carb diet. And God knows I need a reason. Sure amn't I scraping the end of the barrel for Christsakes.

And besides who wouldn't want to be able to stumble around a five star hotel and still look hot?

So why don't you go right ahead now and just call me Glenda.


Audrey said...

Wow those dresses look amazing on you. You both look fantastic. I wish I could have been there with you but you guys made a great choice.

Ellen said...

So jealous!