Sunday, October 5, 2008


It's Sunday night and I am home after the weekend in Dublin. I came back at 2pm to cook a roast dinner especially in honour of Rachel's new girlfriend whom we were all meeting for the first time.

She seems a lovely girl and very different from Rachel's last one. They keep to themselves pretty much and in the end it turns out her new girlfriend is a little too shy to eat dinner with us which I can totally understand.

Later that night all the kids are in bed and I have kissed them goodnight and tucked them in before I have a shower.

Mid shower that little voice in my head goes

"You should really go back into Rachel's room and talk to her".

So when I'm finished showering I throw on my dressing gown, walk down the hall and knock on her bedroom door.

"Hi" I say, sitting down on the bed where she is playing her guitar.
"You're getting real good at that" I add.
She plays a while longer and then says
"Do you know what happened today?"
"No, what?" I ask
"Well, you know I took T down to the beach to show it to her today?" she says
"Well, afterwards she asked me if there was anywhere else worth seeing around here so I told her about the lakes up the hill and as we were walking down that road (very rural quiet road) we passed four girls younger than us and they started shouting at us and one of them threw a stone at me and it hit me on the back of the head" she said rubbing her head.

"You're joking me, what did you do?" I ask
"Nothing, I just said what did you do that for and the next thing they were across the road and pushing T around and she said she didn't want to fight them because she as 18 and they were 15 and it would be against the law and could they just stop because if they were looking for a fight they weren't going to get one from her. Then the girl who threw the stone hopped onto T's back and with a fist full of rings she smashed her fist into T's face and I could hear the noise it made. So I pulled the girl off her back and she hit me in the face with her fist of rings" says Rachel pointing at her cheekbone which is marked red.
"Jesus" I say.
"Were you holding her hand when you met them on the road?" I ask
"No" she says shaking her head in exasperation.
I am speechless.
"So then what happened?" I ask
"They started calling us names as we walked away and then one of them shouted 'Tell your sister, Lara McDermott, we're going to get her after school tomorrow coz her sister's queer."


Judy said...

This is horrible! I think I would go to the school and have those girls pointed out and tell the school officials you want the police to charge them for battery, or maybe just go to the police directly if you know who the girls are.

Margaret said...

Jaysus Ellen, i agree with Judy, no reason whatsoever to let those girls get away with such intimidatory behaviour.

jothemama said...

Totally, that's serious serious assault.

Don't for a second let this lie.

Poor little one! Jesus.

Robert Hogan said...

I despair of people sometimes. I really do.

Ellen said...

How could they? That's so horrible!
I hope your girl and her girlfriend are okay.

sonrie said...

Why can't there be more tolerance?
May no harm come to any member of your family or their friends.

problemchildbride said...

This is horrible. These poor girls, it must have been terrifying.

I agree with the others about not letting it lie. Next time, emboldened by getting off with it, these vicious little thugs could do worse.

I'm so sorry. I hope your daughter and her girlfriend don't feel too scared to be themselves after this.

The very best of luck to you and Rachel in whatever you decide to do.

Coastal Aussie said...

I'm shocked by the behaviour described and I just wanted to add my support to the other commentors' thoughts, and hope that you and your family (and their girlfriend and friends) all remain safe. It's just too horrible.