Monday, September 8, 2008


My blogging buddy Susanne Iles is not only on the same diet as me but an artist too and very creative indeed. She told me about Illustration Friday
a great site for getting your creative jucies flowing. They have a weekly topic and this week it's "Clutter."

My 'Clutter' painting started off it's life as a painting of Audrey but I covered that portrait over with black paint because I wasn't too happy with her mouth and I didn't want a useless canvas cluttering up my space

Then I started putting the paint that I have left over after my painting sessions onto the canvas and after several months it ended up looking like this

But it's a work in progress and I intend painting Audrey's face right in the middle of this clutter when I've finished the two other paintings I am working on. When it's finished it will be hung on my wall. Not for sale.

Here is another one which I gave a similar treatment to and which also took a long time to complete. Also made up of left over paint and hanging for sale in the D4 Art Gallery, Ballsbridge.

Standing by Galway Bay


Emily said...

killer colors!

kate b. said...

i just love the raw appearance of paint strokes and the colors are just ravishing!

Nick Fegan said...

Really LOVELY colours your 'new' style.