Tuesday, September 9, 2008


"Hi Hun, did you have a nice day in Dublin?"
"Yeah, I did some shopping with J and we met up with some others and sat in the park because it was a lovely day."
"Which park?"
"Stephens Green and you know what?"
"The Park security guards asked if we had any alcohol or drugs and if they could search our bags and then they took the cigarettes in my bag and they kept them?"
"You're joking? Well you shouldn't be smoking anyhow Rachel"
"And then they started calling us 'Queers' and telling us to get out of the park."
"Oh my God, really?"
"Yeah, we were just all sitting around in a group talking and they came over and pointed at an empty bottle of Coke about 3 feet away from us and said we had to leave because we were littering and it wasn't even our bottle. They were the adults and yet they were acting so childish."

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jothemama said...

Jesus. That doesn't sound right at all. I think this may merit a letter.