Friday, September 5, 2008


So I'm walking down the hall behind Audrey who stops to open the lounge door and to our surprise we see a little boy about 4 years old sitting comfortably on the couch. The curtains are closed and the room is dark and he's got a games console controller in his hand and he's playing Halo 3. I've no idea how long he's been in there. He's from down the road and must have come into our house as quietly as he could. He was here once before last week and played the game with Audrey. I wonder if his mother knows where he is and if she realizes he has an addictive personality.


jothemama said...

So Molly lured in an Alsation, the console lured in a little boy. Perhaps you should get a surfboard and some SexWax and see what you catch!

jothemama said...

Sex wax is surf board wax btw, just in case anyone thinks I'em being overly pervy.

Anonymous said...

Jo, I remember the first time I saw sex wax, I was confused as to why it was in my fellas boot!