Monday, September 8, 2008


On Saturday, weighing in day for this No Carb diet of mine, I could have taken that diet, wrapped it up into a neat tight ball and kicked it towards my nearest McDonalds when I saw my weighing scales registering no weight loss. Nada, zero, zilch. It's obviously because

My hair has grown longer
I didn't exercise.
Emptying fat cells fill up with water as a safety precaution.
I've grown taller
Water retention.
Each glass of wine I drank was equal to one stick of Twix
My weighing scales is broken?
Although cheese is not a carb it's fattening when eaten in blocks
So is full fat milkshakes and 3 egg omelette's

Besides that I've been very good and not a carb has passed my lips since the last weigh-in. Not even one Dorito although I reckon there's a strong possibility that I've eaten the contents of a Twix Factory perhaps even two.

Now you don't need to tell me; I know it's unhealthy to eat absolutely no carbs whatsoever and so I plan on introducing some back into my diet at 4 weeks. I'm going to start with a large plate of roast potatoes with gravy followed by mashed potatoes mixed with dijon mustard and a large donner kebab with chips to go and that'll be my breakfast .

Roll on week 4.

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