Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Letter to Lara

Dear Lara,

Well done, you've completed your months grounding without much complaining and succeeded, somehow, in acquiring yourself a nice big hickey on your neck. Not bad considering your new boyfriend has only visited this house twice and was within eye shot of me most of the time. How you managed that I'll never know.

Your father wonders if you could possibly ask your boyfriend to eat before his next visit here.

Love Mum xxx


Andrew Scott Turner said...

The good ones are the books that scare us. And when they were born as something else ( a short story, say) and develop longer legs, then they're destined for great things.

Thanks for the compliment, but trust me, I wear no cape. The maxim "Behind every successful man there is a woman" applies to me in spades. I can write because I have someone in my life NOW (FINALLY!) who understands this isn't a cute hobby.

I'm not sure how old your daughter (daughters?) are but I write for kids between the ages of about 11 to 14. My first was published a year ago.

You may want to check it out for them. It's listed on my blog.

Either way, I understand 72,000 words and being scared. You just have to let it out ...

Mary Ellen said...

Ah, I (just barely) remember those days.

Note to self: Thank God every day I have boys. Although one of them came home with a huge bite mark on his upper arm the other day (some girl, he said.) You might want to check out what's going on at school.