Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The smoker

It's the third time this year that he's tried to give up smoking. The most recent being only two weeks ago. Now most of the time he's pretty even tempered. Doesn't get too happy nor too sad. But not when he's off the fags. Nope. Then he turns into a red eyed pink faced roaring lunatic especially at key times like first thing in the morning , after dinner, while drinking coffee or when the kids rush towards him with open arms saying "Hi Dad, you're home".

He's off work for a weeks holidays this week and after that he's going to try again. God help us.

I've got to go now and lick the toilet bowels clean as I've GOT to make it look like I'm not having too easy a time here on my own.


karen h said...

No wonder you two are still in love!

jothemama said...

Nelson's on Duke St in town, they do a quitting remedy, helps with all the withdrawal evils and craving and stuff.

Apologies if I said that before!

KEYNOTER said...

oh thanks jo, your husbands a smoker too, right?