Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The weekend

On Friday I filled the fridge with food and my suitcase with clothes and headed off at 4pm to meet up with my Mum and drive across Ireland to Limerick where my sister was in full swing planning her girls only 40th birthday party for the next day. We chatted late into the night over wine discussing important things like the pros and cons of teeth whitening, husbands and their foibles and the good, bad and ugly of relationships because those are the kind of things we find interesting.

Next morning, Saturday, after watching my sister opening her birthday presents over a champagne breakfast we girls spent hours in Adare town.

Thatched cottage

We shopped and drank glasses of wine over lunch and on our return to her house where the party was to be held we dressed and waited for the party food to arrive from her hotel while we sipped champagne and sapphire gin. It was what I like to call a "MY KINDA DAY" and soon turned into a "MY KINDA NIGHT" dancing and karaoke till the early hours of the morning. I think it was 5am when my head hit the pillow but I couldn't be sure about that. It might have been the headboard.

sisters are doing it for themselves

It was all over too soon and I was driving back to my house and the thoughts of peeling spuds in the sink only to be greeted by kids with wet hair from being recently showered, a sea food pasta cooked by the hubby accompanied by a bottle of cold white wine and a VERY tidy house.

I must go away more often. Or perhaps it's just that they can get by fine without me. Whatever. I had a great weekend away and a great return home so the hours I spent yesterday and today minding two sick kids with the vomiting bug were a little more easier for me to handle than they normally would be as I was thinking back to the weekend, playing the days over in my and wondering, you know, things like; would anybody have noticed if I had taken a third lobster tail from the buffet.


sonrie said...

the details of the red house/building are beautiful. very striking. Sounds like you had a good time...It's always nice to get away for a moment and experience something different.

Mairead said...

Hi Mrs. Glad you had such a good weekend, but sorry you are elbow deep in vomit. Keep smiling. :-)