Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Last week

My youngest sister took a day out of her trip home here in Ireland to come over to my house for the day last week and she baked cakes with my kids and planted a peony so we'd remember her when she returned to Australia where she lives now.

It was a real pity she had to leave Ireland the day before we set off on our girly trip to Aghadoe Heights in Killarney to celebrate my Mums 70th birthday because we really would've loved if we all could've been together on that occasion but I can't say I felt too sorry for her especially when she texted us to say she had bought a helmet for her first attempt at the highest ski slope on Whistler in Canada where she was holidaying with her husband and some friends.

Here's some photos of our weekend in Killarney.

I know they're really really small but if Blogger wasn't so bloody slow and anal about larger sized photos I'd repost them.......... like I've been doing all morning to try and get them to look like the ones on my sister blog. Like these.

I have to make this photo that I took of my mother larger though so you can see how beautiful she looks even at 70 and I can only hope that at her age I too can afford pots and pots of Creme de la Mer.


Nicola said...

And the Oscar goes to....

Please step over to my blog to receive your Proximade Award.

KEYNOTER said...

Oh thanks Nicola. I'll do that hun. Hope you're keeping well