Monday, May 25, 2009

Bloody recession

Now my car has given up the ghost and I'm on foot until it gets sorted out. So I've been thinking of some ways I could pull in my belt to save some money to pay the €2,000 - €3,000 bill I'll be sent if I end up having to have a new automatic gearbox fitted.

You know, saving money by buying clever reusable items instead of throwaway things. Things like this or perhaps even this for example for me, Rachel and Lara.


Susanne Iles said... an unabashed and difficult to embarrass twenty year old (waaaaaaay back in the day) I ended up buying...ahem..."mooncups"...for my closest girlfriends and my sister. Everyone was weirded out at first but all of them thanked me later.

Anonymous said...

yuck!! use what your grandmother did "old rags" worked fine for her! Suziexx

Karen H said...

I think I am horrified! But a friend I told to look at your blog said friends of hers used moncups and you can put them in the dishwasher!!!And they last forever....still horrified!

jothemama said...

I have a mooncup...

Nick Fegan said...

Hi Ellen,
LONG TIME no hear!
LOVEEEE your blog - my God how and where do you get the time...and your a Mother!! Seriously you'll have to put this into book form - i'm sure there are publishers out there waiting.