Friday, February 5, 2010

Conversation with a 7 year old

Her: Guess what happened in School today Mum?

Me: What honey?

Her: Well the teacher had to leave the room so she left us watching something she had taped that she projected onto the white board and during the ad break these naked women with x's marked on their boobies were swing out of poles and one of the girls in the class said "What's that?" I didn't want to say 'Pole Dancers in case they laughed at me.

Me:, exactly, do you know what a 'Pole Dancer' is?

Her: You know how you stopped me from ever playing Rachel's Grand Theft Auto again? Well before that I went into the strip joint once and a woman there asked me if she could do a pole dance for me and she did; all sexy like. (and she wiggles her bum at me and walks away)



sonrie said...

oh my goodness! That's so funny. In the US, you have to be over 21 to get into the clubs...and then someone would probably call Division of Family Services. I'm glad she had such a matter of fact attitude over it!

Coastal Aussie said...

It's so good to have a new blog post from you, and your photography is looking terrific.

The Other Ellen said...

Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!
This is so priceless.

Shellie said...

oh my oh my oh my! And the teacher ought to watch it with the ads there!Love your pictures on the sidebar.

Susanne Iles said...

I've been lurking for a while but this post had me in stitches. We come from a gaming household but now I know I've got to check the boys' games and put some of them under lock and key, away from the little ones. :)
btw...can't wait to see more of your amazing portraits...Let me know when your site is up and running and I'll post an announcement about it on my blogs. You are my favourite photographer.

Anonymous said...

lol, very funny - I know , its mad these days, my 9 year old neice told me she 'likes sexy' ...and then looked expectantly at me for a few minutes- i think she wanted a reaction.. didnt work. shakira shakira for that one.

Maddy said...

So someone else is posting this for you because your heart stopped beating and you're six foot under in a box of shock.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,

I have been reading you for a while.
I also am an artist, mature student goung back to school 2 kids etc, Canadian living in Germany.

I have been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo for a while, and I love the idea of a circle (for many reasons) and I just realized how much I love your logo..the flower wreath with its scrolls. It is so pretty!`
Any chance you would send me the pdf ...I would love it as a tatoo....

unlikely nomad

Ireland said...

Priceless. Just started reading older posts, loving them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,

I love your photos! Just looking at your more recent addtions, I have been reading the blog of an artist Elsa Mora, a painter, who makes amazing papercuts, I think you might like her will find her if you google Elsa Mora or Elsita...she is cuban. Are you still painting?
Unlikely Nomad

Nomad said...

Hi Ellen,
Me again, LOVE the floral portraits, love how you are weaving the images cool, makes me think about food and snakes, and dark lovely stuff....they are really gorgeous. Keep up the amazing work! It is so fun to check in every day and see these amazing new photos, I would be so interested to hear your process, what you are up t and thinking about in regards to them.
Thanks for sharing.