Friday, March 25, 2011

Whining & Dining

I've neglected this blog for soooooo long that I wasn't quite sure of the password to get into the site when I sat down to write this. Thanks for all the emails and comments asking me when I was going to blog again. You see life just got a little too busy for me.

I was doing the accounts in the Gallery which I am a director of and I was on the Arts Festival Committee and with all my own art work and mothering duties to my four off spring there just wasn't enough hours in the day to sit down with a cup of coffee and tap away here.

No, in fact most of the time I felt a little like this:

I made that photograph on a particularly hormonal day by compositing images together using GIMP which is a free image manipulation program that I am deeply in love with and could quite easily spend the rest of my life with were it not for the fact that there is often a 6'1" bloke to be found walking around this house looking for someone to cook his dinner for him. Not to mention four kids that have all perfected the art of whining in complete harmony accapella style.

I've also been busy doing portrait work, mostly through word of mouth and you can see some of my photography here.

And now that things have settled down a little since I've given up the accounts in the gallery and the Arts Festival Committee work I have lots of spare time. spare time. I wrote those words twice because they're two of my most my favourite words in the world and the only reason I've been able to write this blog post.

But I have to go now to the supermarket. I've been making big decisions today. It's Friday and Fridays are wine days.

I wake up and remember it's Friday, no homework for me the kids and lots of wine.

Then I tidy the house and wonder which kind of wine I'll buy, red or white
After I do some laundry I make THE BIG DECISION - red it will be.
As I sweep the floor I consider Chilean or Italian?
I make the beds happily having chosen Italian
Lunchtime and the reality hits me; WE'RE EATING FISH TODAY. It'll have to be white
I clean the bathrooms considering French or Australian?

You see what I mean. Quite honestly the whole thing is a little exhausting.

Now Let Me Tell You About Saturdays....


Coastal Aussie said...

I am so thrilled to see that you are blogging again. long may it continue.

stab city resident said...

Welcome back! said...

I'm glad that you're back!!!

TPS said...

Oh, yay! I missed you soooo much! So glad you're back.

--The other ellen

KEYNOTER said...

Oh thanks so much!!! and there I was thinking no one would be bothered :) have a wonderful weekend:)