Friday, April 15, 2011

Last Weekend......

Untitled by '_ellen_'
Untitled, a photo by '_ellen_' on Flickr.

So on Saturday we went into the forest and did this shoot. To get there we had to walk through a large car park and got some strange stares from people as we were carrying that antique table, two helium balloons and two huge lolly pops along with all the camera equipment and a huge bag of clothes. Not exactly picnic material!

After taking this shot we walked to the nearby lake which is huge and took some shots there which I'll post later.

And boy did we get some strange looks when she started walking into the lake fully clothed :).

I was listening to This album while i worked on this photo.

I'm posting this to my blog via Flickr as a trial so that's why it's so short. Will post more soon.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)

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Nomad said...

The images are amazing!