Friday, June 3, 2011

Photo Shoot

On Monday Ramona who owns Brightlife Studio & Gallery let me use her studio in return for one of my prints which was so nice of her. I really enjoyed the day there working with Marie Hickey who did the models hair styles and is so creative and good at what she does and with Yvonne Maher who did an amazing job with the girls make-up.

That's me watching Marie working her magic on Laura

It was my first time working in a studio and so I was a little nervous but in the end everything worked out great. Ramona showed me how to use the lighting and softboxes and reflectors and after that we just got on with it.

The dress and corsets were made by the wonderful Laura Thorpe of Stitches & Stays and modeled by Ciara Murrin

I'll upload more shots of the girls at a later date. I'm off now for a little holiday ;-) Enjoy your weekend

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