Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Before & After Metamorphis

So as you can see I flipped the image as I always think that the left represents the past and the right, the future.....but that's just me ;-) Then I changed her hair colour and put some lace clothing on her by using the path tool to isolate the areas I wanted to cover with the lace texture. Oh and I nearly forgot to say I made her skin a very light shade of blue by bringing down the saturation.

Next I painted in her hair to make it red and put an orange layer over her which I painted opaquely in dark brown with different brushes, grunge, scratch etc to create the faint forest feeling. I actually created a larger size square canvas so that there was more space below her feet and above her head. I like the background to be hardly visible so that all your attention is on the woman. I gave her a hoop like I did the women in my last two photos here and here and this time instead of hand drawing it I used the ellipse select tool and painted the selection with the gradient tool in brown and turquoise because I'm just really loving those contrasting colours at the moment.

You can find links to the model on my Flickr Site

I have to go now and process some of those photos that I took at the studio on Monday. Bye for now and happy shooting ;-)

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