Monday, May 30, 2011

Before & After

So as you can see here I erased the ball that she was lying on and the shadows around her hands and feet and any shadowing which made the ground look directly under her. I layered it with that photo of an old oil painting called monk by the sea by Casper David Frediedrick and flipped it so that I could get the darker texture at the top. I painted out some of the clouds and smudged that layer until I got the right texture and then I changed the colour to the orange that it is now. I moved her hair using the distort filter to lengthen it and make it look like it was swishing around in water and then I added her hoop using the gradient tool to give it two colours. Last of all I copied the top part of the 'water' and pulled it up to make the photo a square and I added some small bubbles with a single bubble brush which I used on small size and then that was that :-) Hope it was of help

I'm off to a photo shoot in a studio this morning so better go now ;-) Happy shooting

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John Braine said...

Hi Ellen.

I've gotten very lazy at commenting these days. But have been meaning to say...loving all your work since your recent resurgence. Some amazing images in every post.

All the best