Thursday, May 26, 2011

Deadly Shoot

So this is the before and after photos of Annabelle. If you click on the photos you'll get the larger size.

I originally worked on the full shot of her and put in the ground and background in complimentary colours to her dress and then I cropped it to get a better view of her face. If you look at the before photos above and below you can see that I made her body smaller by shrinking it using the distort filter. I also made her head a little larger to give her that doll like look and then I brightened her skin to make it a little more high key.

She was a cute little girl to photograph but as she had never met me before I could tell that she was a bit weary of me :-) I took loads of shots of her and a couple of them worked out great but with all the movements that kids do it sure is hard to get a sharply focused shot. All in all it turned out to be a fun shoot even if I did nearly die on my way to it. I wrote about it here on my Flickr.

Have a great day ;-)

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