Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This is Ciara who helped me out by modeling for the Workshop I held a couple of weeks ago and in return she wanted a couple of beauty shots for her modeling portfolio. I posted one of her here a couple of posts ago with a before and after but here is one with flowers in the background that she wanted as she liked the ones I had done previously.

I haven't added it to the others as I have enough summery ones and am looking for a nice red haired girl to add to my collection ;-) I'm making 12, one for each month of the year and only have three more to go

I took lots of shots of her that day and worked on some of them like this one

You can see another more dramatic one of her standing beside a cliff edge which I posted on my flickr here

I worked on another one today which I'll post to my Flickr tomorrow as I really like the end result.

Now the kids have just arrived home from school which means I have to come off the computer. They're not allowed on it during the week only at the weekends and I don't usually go on it when they're home from school as it gets real busy here with four kids to look after. Besides, my daughter is graduating tonight from 6th year so I've dinner to cook and fancy clothes to put on so better get going ;-) I've got some celebrating to do :-)

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