Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I was so fed up with the Garage who was handling my broken down car especially when I called them after my disasterous trip back from Limerick and the man who owned the garage apologised for forgetting to call me and tell me that he couldnt figure out what was wrong with it. I would have driven up and rammed into the front of his shop if I could've got the car going.
On Monday I called the man at the garage where I originally bought my car and explained the situation. I was having severe retail withdrawl symptoms and my feet stumps were bleeding from all the walking I had to do.

Yesterday a small man arrived at my house and told me that the problem with my car had something to do with a broken part of the crank shaft. It will be fixed today. I felt an uncontrolable urge to grab that small man by his shoulders and plant kisses all over his face especially when he told me that the part would only cost about €10.

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