Saturday, March 24, 2007


On Saturday Audrey, 5 years old, asked me if she could have some extra money for doing jobs around the house. She tidied up some things in the kitchen and I gave her about 60c because she doesn't understand the value of money. In fact she would prefer three 20c coins to one €2 coin.
She looked at the money I gave her and rummaged around in her jeans pocket producing a €1 coin I had given her yesterday for her pocket money.
'See that' she said proffering the coin in her outstretched hand
'Well, you'll have to save up your pocket money and all the other money I give you for those little jobs you do for me if you want to buy that toy car' I explained nicely.
'I NEED SEVEN OF THESE, YOU'RE NOT UNDERSTANDING MY LANGUAGE, I SAID ......I NEED........ S E V E N. I can pick that other stuff you gave me up off the ground when we walk to school........people THROW IT AWAY'

I guess she understands now.

The Husband has been off cigarettes for over a month now. I told him to put the money aside that he would've been spending on cigarettes and buy something nice for himself. He bought a new jacket. I call it his smoking jacket.

We had a quiet weekend which gave us time to relax after last weekend in Limerick

On Saturday The Husband hung some paintings around the house and we brought the three younger kids up to the local GAA club - Gaelic Athletics Association. We signed them all up for Gaelic Football and sprinted back to the car before they realised we'd enrolled them in a sport that requires gum shields. After we picked them up we drove to the video shop to get a couple of videos for that night. Sitting on the ground outside the shop was a homeless man begging for money.
"Oh look'" said Audrey. "That mans got a jacket just like Dads"
and he did
'Maybe he's given up cigarettes too".
'Hmmmm' said The Husband

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Audrey said...

There's just a better class of homeless people in Wicklow these days