Saturday, March 24, 2007


My painting of Billy Joe Armstrong from Greenday

I painted this for my daughter, Rachel who's 15 years old. Its a large painting and she will not let me sell it unless its to 'The Man Himself or it's an offer that cannot be refused and I repaint it'.
A couple of weeks ago she was walking down Temple Bar in Dublin and she thought she saw a guy that looked awfully like 'The Edge' from U2. She walked on to catch up with her friends and then she though
'If it IS him, I might never again get a chance to meet him'
So she turned back and ran to where she last saw the guy and yes, on closer inspection she could see that it was 'The Edge'
'Are you the Edge?' she asked shyly.
He laughed 'I am, hat, beard' he said pointing to his chin.
'You just did a song with Greenday recently. Can you tell me what Billy Joe Armstrongs' like?' she said
'He's a really lovely guy' he replied
'Oh thanks' she said 'And by the way, my dad loves you guys'
'I hate it when people say that!' laughed 'The Edge.'

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