Friday, March 30, 2007


I have shoulder length hair as do my four daughters. My eldest daughter who's 15 doesnt need me to look after her hair any longer. She gets me to trim it now and then but that's about all. Not so the other three. All the children in their school MUST have their hair tied up to stop NITS passing from one to the other.

This morning 10 minutes before we left for school Sarah handed me a small notebook with a detailed sketch of a rather complicated hairstyle involving several pony tails, plaits and divisions of partings all of which had to be followed to the exact instructions. Including a request for a photograph of the completed work of art so it could be inspected at close quarters, graded and passed.

So successful was the project that Audrey thought it worth flinging herself onto the hardwood floor and beating it with her fists in order to demonstrate how unhappy she was that there was no time left to do hers and she was stuck with a 'boring old pony tail'

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Audrey said...

can we see the photograph of the finished work of art?